Sunday, 22 July 2007

The good the bad and the ugly

Thanks for the various replies and good wishes. I'm in Penang Malaysia on my way to pick up Kathy and kids from Singapore airport on 5th July and to take them back to Nong Khai in Thailand. All is well with everyone. Ben has finally decided crawling is easier than squirming along and the ground and has been well looked after by Kathy's family with a couple of early 1st birthday parties. Evie is obviously having fun as she's often too busy to talk to me on the phone (are kids getting independent by 3 1/2 now?).

Summary of trip so far

- The good - the incredible amount of help that people you have just met will give you, the serenity of people amid poverty and chaos, the incredible food, the almighty Aussie dollar, the ubiquitous Internet and Skype which brings the whole world within your reach for a few centsr.

- The bad - the ridiculous number of serious motorbike accidents you see on the roads - these guys must be looking to hasten rebirth

- The ugly - old, disgusting Anglo Saxons guys with petite Thai and Lao girls - the thought of it is enough to put you off sex for a looooong time. I have learned that practically every Thai woman (even highly educated and intelligent career women) would give it all up to marry practically any random Farang (foreigner) in the belief we are all incredibly rich. To avoid misunderstanding I start any conversation with Thai women by talking about my wife and kids (foreigners tell me this is no barrier but at least it makes me think the boundaries are clear).

If you fancy a quick chat send me your home number and I'll give you a call via Skype (I am sick of changing sim cards in the mobile and looking up people's numbers).

Love and Laughter

Steve arrives in Thailand

Just wanted to let you all know everything is good with us.

Kathy is still with the kids in England for 2 more weeks staying with her parents and sister in terms. Evie has loved being with her cousins and has adapted quickly to new suroundings etc.

Steve is in Thailand (Nong Khai on the Laos border) arranging house and other details for living, doing some shares work and generally hanging out. Nong Khai is a sleepy medium sized town with everything we need on the banks of the Mekong river with a reasonable number of westerns who are either tourists or living here. Looks like we have a house arranged here overlooking the river and walking distance to most things we need (double story, 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, etc for $180 a month). All the people I meet here are so helpful in pointing me in the right direction and giving advice or practical help - it's like a dream.

Love and good wishes
Steve Kathy Evie and Ben