Sunday, 10 October 2010

Fred van Emmerik - Memories

The link is

We briefly summarised Fred's last few years and added some of the eulogies. Love you Dad.


Bintoro, FFF CCI said...

Hi Steve & Kathy,
It was lovely and moving to share your Dad's memories at the Thanksgiving service last Friday. I'm glad that I came to the service. I have downloaded your Dad's memoir. It is very compelling memoir. My wife also read it with great interest since she grew up in Strathford. Her late father was the Presbyterian Minister in Strathford after your Dad completed his tenure in there.

If I may, I would like to share this wonderful memoir with his former students back in Indonesia. I just wondering if its OK with you if I send this memoir to them. I'm going to the reunion of the pioneer Electrical Engineering students in May next year in White Cross, Salatiga. It will be wonderful if we can share your Dad Memoir with them during the re-union.

Thank you very much, and if you need to contact me my email is - My mobile is 0407 834 338.
Best regards, Bintoro

hadiwi56aus said...

Hi Steve,

I was one of the first batch of students who entered the Electrical Engineering faculty in 1968.
Your Dad will be sorely missed by us all, and I have enjoyed reading the wonderful memoir that he penned.
A truly visionary and compassionate educator that has left his mark to all of us who came into contact with him.

Djunaedi (FTE 13- 1968)

Steve van Emmerik said...

Thank you Djunaedi,

Lovely to hear from you. I am just updating Fred's memories with the last few years of his life and the eulogies given at his funeral and will post them here today.